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The Future History of Soccer – Predicting the Next Sixty Years

Like a lot of people who moved into elementary school in the 1980s, ” I climbed up hearing mythical stories of the world might look like in the year 2000. Based on the fictions spread by my various educators, we confronted of two future outcomes: that the Soviet Union (remember them?) Would either trigger a thermonuclear war, or we’d be zipping around in jet packs and flying cars, wearing strangely matching jumpsuits and ingestion only large pills and colored liquid. Needless to say, neither of these things happened, although my vehicle is greatly attached to terra firma, the intervening years have brought quite a few changes to the likes that nobody would have likely predicted in 1984.

The idea, I suppose, is that the prognostication sports news predictions is at best a crap shoot, and at worst a chance for individuals to publish things that succeeding events is likely to make a mockery of. Football isn’t immune to dumb predictions, as anyone who has followed Pele’s occasional opinion in the media knows all to well. So, wanting to check ahead to the future of soccer, however, maybe not wanting to expose myself to the thought to be proved wrong, I’ll appear way, way head to the year 2062, also let you know exactly what the footballing world will look like in 54 years. I am 85 at that time, so I’ll be dead, senile, so glad I finally acquired my own flying car that I won’t care that I wrote some thing 54 years ago making me sound foolish! If I am lucky, I’d have only seen my 19th World Cup. So what will 2062 Brian Fobi have observed?

Inch. England still will not have won another World Cup. At the close of their 2062 World Cup, England buffs will look forward to the 2066 Cup, comprehending that certainly fate is going to soon be on the side as they delve down the 100th anniversary of these past win. England could be the consummate quarter finalist, also will return at one hundred years of Ronaldinho objects, Beckham red cards, Rooney red cards, along with Brookyln Beckham red cards, and also think they are jinxed, however the reality is they are not so good.

2. China will still be the next huge thing. Based on all you read from the news, in 40 years the Chinese will have, run, manufacture, manage, and control every thing. FIFA expects great things from China, and between then and now China will sponsor at least one World Cup, but more likely 2. The Chinese women will continue to do well, but unless a fantastic number of things change, ” I really don’t see China putting together the kind of national and league youth system necessary to produce 1-1 world class players. China may continue to grow at 10% for its next 50 decades, or we might discover a handled state and economy cannot endure the duty of its initial major economic recession. That conversation is best served in another place on the following time, but suffice to state that I’m not sold on China’s perpetually bright future, and this goes for football.

3. CONMEBOL and CONCACAF will unite. A merger of both of these regions only is reasonable. And, since a child of that 1980s, seeing these parts unite gives me memories of Devastator coming together to just work on the behest of Megatron to drive the Autobots… sorry. Second, it would get the regional tournament (Cup of the Americas? Copa de Americas?) A truly first speed event that upstages the Euros and takes its place as the second greatest soccer tournament in the world, after the World Cup. Third, the sheer size of this confederation would demand breaking the nations into classes, which could mean fewer matches for qualifying for its southamerican teams.

4. The Caribbean states will jointly sponsor the best World Cup of most time. Building on their joint hosting of the Cricket World Cup,” 10 Caribbean states may treat football fans to the most fun, sun-soaked, and festive world-cup on record. Moving between World Cup venues by railway ship or airplane, thousands of fans will gather to see soccer in the day, then drink and party at nighttime. The ultimate in Port of Spain will happen to a steel drum soundtrack, and every one, even the conquered fans, will make happy.

5. The United States will win a World Cup. I’m not saying when, in the next 56 decades, it will happen. If you’re skeptical (ahem, consummate America-hater Luis”Snacks” Bueno, I am speaking with you), you are far too bleak. Consider itif my prediction holds true, the grandmother of the team’s captain might take preschool at the moment. The USA has assembled a primary rate youth system, has exceptional company backing, gets the very best sports science in the world, and dadgummit, we’re Americans and we do not lose. Hell or higher water we’ll do it.

6. Britain will finally get its act together and field a joint team. I understand, this seems improbable, notably with Scotland getting greater liberty and all, however, let us be fair. And, since England isn’t itself a sovereign state, it does not create any more awareness that they need to be a FIFA manhood than it would for state, Minnesota, to combine FIFA. Frustrated by repeated failures, and perhaps even a little chastened by their experience with the Olympics by which the IOC didn’t allow England to ship its team, they are going to get their act together and apparel up a British squad.

7. This is the toughest person. I don’t have any doubt that Africa will continue to generate top-tier ability, and that I hope that at 50 years most of the best players in the world will originate out of Africa. The real question, however, is if Africa can begin to create leagues which can compete at the highest levels and if their football associations will stop cooperating together and destroying their teams. To make matters worse, African nations haven’t dedicated themselves to growing their own trainers, do not prepare youth, and offer the very egregious and dilapidated facilities to train and play.